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Facebook cover video a how-to guide

If you move your cursor away from the change cover box but still keep it hovered over the banner area you will see two more icons appear showing play/pause and a toggle sound on/off buttons.
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Once you have uploaded your video or animation one of the very neat tricks Facebook allows you to do is to reposition the video clip. This is especially useful if you want to centre something specific within the area or just generally position to give optimum pride of place to something in the video.
Click ‘Next’ to take you to the last stage before the video is live.
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Before you publish the cover video there are two more settings that do need your attention. I would always suggest that you make sure the looping button is selected so the video will automatically keep playing. The small white arrows within the banner area allow you to choose a pre defined thumbnail that Facebook detects within the video. Hopefully in the future they will allow users to select their own by means of scrolling through the footage like you can in Instagram but for now this is a very good alternative.
The thumbnail will be displayed when users view your page on a mobile device so try and pick something that is really relevant to what your message is in the video. The example below shows one of the frames in our current cover video where we show the Lucas Media Twitter name.
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In conclusion this is a great addition to the whole Facebook user experience and even better for businesses to display video as soon as a potential customer lands on their page. The video rollercoaster that Facebook seems to be riding is gathering even more pace lets hope they keep it up.


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