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Are you in control of your own video content?

Are you in control of your own video content?
Do you rely on your content creators to host video they produce for you?
If so it might be time to rethink this strategy to empower you to become more reactive with the distribution and maintenance of the video content you have.

As you build up your content library accessibility should be high on your priority list. Having instant in-house access to your marketing materials gives you complete control as to when and how you use them. This flexibility allows you or your team to move quickly and efficiently when there is a need to push a message out.

It may seem far too easy to allow your incumbent to host all the content that you have and then allow them to distribute whenever or wherever you want. This scenario can work as long as all the people involved are quick and reactive to the needs of both parties. If there isn't fluidity in this working relationship you might come up with some real challenges in the future.

What happens if you want to make a quick change to the description of a video, you might want to download a video to include into a presentation or send a link to a video to a potential client…but the channel doesn't have your name on it?

Examples of how we have branded the Lucas Media video channels

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Brand consistency is important

Even more so when you are directing potential clients to show them what your business is all about and what services you offer. A good looking video hosting channel is a very important shop window to have. Vimeo for example now lets you upload a banner video to your profile giving users even more incentive to have a look around your channel.

If you are having success with using video to promote your business having your own video hosting channel might be a great addition to help you to grow what you have already got and give you a more secure platform to build on.
The appeal of video is growing ever more important for businesses in their quest to keep attracting new customers and also keeping their current customers informed about the latest products and services they offer.

If there is anything in particular stopping you setting up a Youtube or Vimeo channel we would like to offer help or advice on how you would make a start.