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Lucas Media working with Pelican Bus + Coach

Pelican Bus + Coach were looking for a production partner to help them create content for their forthcoming redesigned website. They were planning an overhaul of their current offering to help them build a stronger online presence.

They contacted Lucas Media because of our expertise in video production, content creation and photography.

Marketing a new website using video

Marketing a new website before the release is essential there are many tools at your disposal to effectively get more eyeballs on your business.

The main focus is making sure you reach the correct target audience with the right content to get them to engage with the new site. Using video should be your first thought along with other digital marketing strategies.

Video for the Bus and Coach industry

The bus and coach industry can benefit massively from using video here are some thoughts and recommendations of areas and topics that you can utilise across all your channels.

With a strong marketing strategy and plenty of planning and preparation your business can be propelled to the next level.

Lucas Media helping the Hovis logistics network with video

We have been working with Hovis for a number of years creating video content to help them communicate with their workforce.

Recently we have partnered with the logistics department on a number of projects.
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