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How hard is it to change career path?

Before I became a business owner in the world of video and content creation I used to be a professional DJ.

This was such an enjoyable career and time in my life I thought it would never end.

I made it my mission in my early teens to break into the industry because of my love for music.
I used to visit a teens disco night at the local nightclub where back in the day you still had to where a shirt and tie to get in!

As soon as I walked into that club at about 14 years old I knew it was for me. I was fully determined and quickly worked out a strategy to enable me to break into that industry and forge a career. From that day on I had a successful 20 year career travelling all around the UK and abroad playing in some of the biggest clubs and bars and doing exactly what I loved. I lived in many different towns and cities around the UK and quickly realised there was an exciting world out there.

In the mid 90's technology was becoming more democratised so during my time in the clubs I started creating videos and content for the big screens in the venues where I worked. At the time I saw this as an additional skill to have for the future but didn't know it was eventually going to be the career I have now.

Nearing the end of my DJ career I knew I had to move into another job because I was getting older whilst the majority of the people I was playing music to where getting younger!

One of my initial goals was to become a music producer, hence my time at Leeds College of Music. I was already 'trying' to produce music so I thought what better way to gain more knowledge in music production than to go and be a mature student. It was only during that degree course I suddenly changed direction and focused on the world of video. I still finished the music course because I got so much out of the experience.

At this point I was spinning a lot of plates trying to still work as a DJ, full time Uni course and trying to get a job in the video world. By the time I finished the course I was burnt out but the determination kept me going and I landed a job in a video production company as a video editor. After working at the video production company for a year or so I quickly realised I wanted to be my own boss. I knuckled down put all the effort in and after a few years Lucas Media Ltd was born.

It was the best decision I ever made and was preceded by a number of forks in the road which I know I had to take.

Looking back the whole DJ career it was the perfect platform for me because I got to meet so many interesting people from many different backgrounds. It exposed me to a wealth of knowledge that I maybe would not of got from working in a different industry. Those life skills have helped me tremendously.

So if anyone is thinking of changing career you can do it it is possible. You will have to put more work in and develop both personally and professionally. The rewards though are very worth it.