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How Lucas Media are staying safe during Covid-19 and beyond.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have been able to continue to work remotely on a number of existing jobs in different locations this has enabled us to keep productive by creating content for our clients. It has also kept us safe and in isolation from the general public whilst acting in accordance to government guidelines.

As the ‘lockdown’ starts to ease Lucas Media will be continuing to adhere to remote working wherever we can to minimise contact with clients and the general public. We will still work in our studio if we need the facilities whilst having safe working restrictions in place. Health and Safety will continue to be of upmost importance, including the safety and wellbeing of the Lucas Media team, clients and the general public.
What are we going to do to keep everyone safe?
The Lucas Media team will be working within the government guidelines and be in constant contact with clients, talent and suppliers as we begin to plan future projects. A location Risk Assessment will be carried out for any external shoots. Internal safe working procedures will be outlined with staff and visitors via notices, internal briefing and hand sanitisation on entry to Lucas Media premises. Lucas Media is experienced in filming projects in a studio setting or on location our safety guidelines will be applicable for both scenarios.

We will be:

  • Continually monitor the health and wellbeing of the Lucas Media team and all involved prior and during a project.
  • Carrying out work wherever we can from the safety of our own homes
  • Supplying cleaning and PPE products on location and in the studio
  • Maintaining a safe 2m (6 feet) distance with the team on location and in the studio
  • Taking all necessary steps to limit any transmission if we can’t keep the 2m distance
  • Setting up client and team pre-production meetings beforehand via Zoom/Facetime/Skype to limit human contact
  • Making sure whilst on set (or in the studio) any further physical contact will not be permitted between the team, client or talent
  • Using wireless video monitoring systems (if applicable to the production) ensuring significant distance is maintained for all involved
  • Making sure all suppliers with equipment pre clean and disinfect gear before being on set and maintain this throughout filming
  • Making cleaning sprays and sanitisers readily available as and when needed
  • Using boom poles with mics attached instead of lapel styled mics this will limit human contact during interview talking scenarios
  • Only using the minimum amount of crew on a given shoot this will further minimise contact and keep us as safe as possible