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Lucas Media working with Pelican Bus + Coach

Pelican Bus + Coach were looking for a production partner to help them create content for their forthcoming redesigned website. They were planning an overhaul of their current offering to help them build a stronger online presence.

They contacted Lucas Media because of our expertise in video production, content creation and photography.

It had been a number of year since their website has been changed and was looking pretty tired and needed some TLC. We had to make sure that any video or photography we created would fit into their branding and help portray a big shift in the way they presented their business.

We already have experience working in the transport and logistics sector with brands like Hovis so we knew how we could add value to the project. Having experience in a certain sector is valuable knowledge but not always essential.

Right from the start there was a lot of open dialogue which of course is very important during the preproduction stage. As discussions developed the initial brief was tweaked after we gave our thoughts on how we could deliver the content in a more streamlined and productive way.

Pelican Bus + Coach are a 4th generation family run business which is also one of the longest standing commercial businesses in the UK. They have a laser focus on customer service and boast a strong team ethic that makes them standout from the competition. They have combined their technical ability with industry knowledge to create a real powerhouse in the bus and coach industry.

Their Head Office and National Parts Centre are in Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Yutong are the world's number one bus and coach manufacturer. They produce forward thinking electric vehicles with the latest technology and market leading safety features. Pelican are the sole suppliers of Yutong buses and coaches in the UK and Ireland.
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Day one

On the first day of the shoot we concentrated on getting key team members in front of the camera and speak to them about their roles and experiences over the years working with Pelican Bus + Coach. These sit down pieces to camera were filmed in the Castleford Head Office. We filmed various team members from the Aftersales Department, Workshop Managagement, Engineers, Mechanics and former Apprentices.

The overall feeling we got was that they really enjoyed their jobs and felt that the work they were doing was very rewarding. In these situations it is fascinating hearing first hand the experiences of people that you would not usually interact with because they are in a completely different industry.

Whilst in the workshop there was plenty of opportunities to capture the Mechanics and Engineers working on the vehicles. The one thing that really stood out was how clean the whole workshop was this is because the majority of work was carried out on electric vehicles. This is a massive change from walking into a traditional garage setting.

We completed a lot of ground based filming and also had the drone flying over the building and tracking some of the busses and coaches as they drove around the yard.

During this visit we filmed the current 3 generations of the family business Bob, Richard and Amelia Crump. They gave insights on what it is like to work in a family business and how they gel together in the working environment.

In the second part of the day we travelled the short distance to the Pelican Bus + Coach National Parts Centre. This is where they store all the parts and accessories for their customers vehicles. We filmed Mick the National Parts Manager he gave a brief overview of how the site worked and how the experienced team were the best in the business. We also heard about expansion plans at the site and how it will help to stock more products this is a direct result of the success of the business.
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Day two

On the second day of the shoot we were out on location shooting some of the electric vehicles on the road. We also travelled to a more green picturesque Yorkshire location. The striking colours of the buses and coaches paired with the locations we visited made very visually appealing content. The sun was shining which made the drone shots from above even more impressive.

The whole team worked tirelessly to deliver some top notch content that can be currently seen on the video banners on the new website.

Day three

Pelican Bus + Coach were impressed with what had already been captured so they asked Lucas Media to film even more content on an additional day. The first two days went really well however with all the preplanning and preparation there was still some content that we required for the wider project.

We went back to Head Office to get some additional shots of the team and vehicles and also had a Photographer to update some team and vehicles shots.

All the video content and photography can be seen on the Pelican Bus + Coach website here
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