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Video and SEO

The world’s largest search engine, Google isn’t a huge fan of poor quality content. Let’s be honest, neither is your audience.
In today’s world of digital marketing, it’s all about SEO– that’s search engine optimisation – and getting your brand to rank higher on Google. Higher rankings mean more viewings, and more viewings mean more prospect customers.

Yet it’s time to stop thinking SEO means written content with a heap of keywords weaved in, or an infographic that may look snazzy and yet it falls short on getting its point across online.

A mixture of text, images and video is the most effective way to keep content varied, interesting and in Googles good books.
And the greater the video content, the more likely it will be re-tweeted, shared socially, or referred back to within other businesses’ online sources – which puts a spotlight on your brand far wider than you could have ever imaged.

Here’s a top tip for you

include a transcript with your video. This makes it clearer to your audience and clearer to Google in terms of your messaging, particularly if you’ve ensured plenty of keywords in the front end match your meta tags in the back end.

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