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Video for the Bus and Coach industry

The bus and coach industry can benefit massively from using video here are some thoughts and recommendations of areas and topics that you can utilise across all your channels.

With a strong marketing strategy and plenty of planning and preparation your business can be propelled to the next level. The content below just touches the surface of what you can focus on and achieve.

Let us dig in.

Shiny new vehicles and picturesque locations paired with professional insights from your team will always be great content to film. Getting to know more about the people that keep the wheels turning (sorry for the pun) will be valuable content that can be used on multiple channels multiple times.

Do you want to increase engagement and reach?

Of course you do thats what every business wants. Videos capture viewers attention better than anything else. Creating eye catching footage as well as informative and educational content will work better at persuading viewers to interact with and share your content. Adding direct CTAs will increase the chances of more website views and potential business sales through the increase in traffic.

Want to show off your new vehicles to the world?

Videos can showcase the modern technological features that are included in your fleet of buses or coaches. Modern vehicles are equipped with tech such as Wi-Fi and connectivity making travel more enjoyable and stress free. Showing how comfortable and appealing coach travel is will encourage more people to consider this mode of transport in the future.

Want to show off your team to the world?

Why not showcase your drivers they are the faces of your business they will be the first person that your customers see. The customers are putting their trust in your team to get them from A to B. From that initial smile and welcome to getting them back to the end destination. Creating videos featuring the driving team will be an ice-breaker for your potential customers before they even step on board.
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The coach and travel industry offers many areas that you might be the market leader. Having a well thought out video strategy to include those USPs would be a wise move.

Are you competitive on price?

Coach travel can be more affordable than other modes of transport providing great value. Are you reinforcing this as part of your marketing strategy?
This can be particularly needed in more tourist destinations where you need to stand out from the rest of the industry.

Going green with the new breed of electric vehicles

Electric buses are increasingly being adopted in many city centres around the UK what is your experience of using them? Do you plan on buying more in the future and what impact have they had on your business? There are many opportunities to create content around sustainability and green related topics.

Sustainability - Electric buses dramatically reduce emissions and directly affect their carbon footprint compared to diesel vehicles. Showing your support for this will enhance your own business' perception and could be integrated into your own internal ESG goals. Improving air quality in city centre locations leads to healthier and cleaner communities. Be a market leader and lead by example.

Value for Money - Though the initial investment in electric buses can be high the long-term savings in fuel costs and maintenance make them a cost effective option long term. They also have lower operating costs due to fewer moving parts and less wear and tear.

Benefits for Local Authorities

Electric buses help local authorities save money by reducing fuel and maintenance costs. Does your business have a story highlighting the relationship you have with the local council or authority that can act as a positive PR campaign video? It might help other business to think about investing in a greener future and reinforces your position as the market leader in your region.

This only touches on some of the potential content that can be included in future marketing campaigns and strategies. We have experience working and delivering projects in the sector. That may be an initial awareness video campaign, content for a new website or social channels.

Are you ready for Lucas Media to deliver your next campaign?