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Digital Marketing

Marketing works best when lots of different techniques and approaches are integrated to make a comprehensive campaign.
Whilst video might be at the heart of what we do at Lucas Media, marketing strategy is our brain, PR and content are our arms and legs, and social media is our mouthpiece.
Content Creation
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
We don’t ever just ‘just do a video’ for our clients.
We help them understand the why and the what behind video marketing and how it can be strengthened and given longevity by the addition of one or more of the skills listed above.

The two retail videos below were used for social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
We also produced specifically sized versions for embedding directly into their website.

Topshop Video - with subtitles

This Topshop video demonstrates how we add value by creating two separate versions of the same video one with and one without subtitles so they can be used on different platforms for maximum exposure and impact. This subtitled version was used on Facebook and another version without subtitles on a website.

Debenhams Instagram video

This video was part of a longer compilation that was cut down and branded for use on Instagram giving the client more video content to use and increase awareness across another social platform.
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