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Heard of Sky AdSmart before?
What is it?

Sky AdSmart is a revolutionary new approach to advertising on TV. With the power of Sky AdSmart businesses can now take advantage of the impact and reach of TV advertising. Sky AdSmart can show different ads to different households watching the same programme this means businesses, like yours, can now target a specific audience whilst they are watching some of the nation’s favourite channels.
Households can be selected based on a number of criteria such as Mosaic Lifestyle or Home Ownership this data is derived from an ever growing Sky customer database and also consumer profilers like Experian.

Existing advertisers now have the ability to use the power of TV to greater effect, whilst becoming accessible for first time and niche brands. SME’s and location-specific brands can also utilise the new service Sky AdSmart provides.

70% of Advertisers using Sky AdSmart are new to TV or new to Sky

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Press play in the video to find out more information about how Sky AdSmart could work for you. This in-depth explainer video covers much more information on how Sky can enable you to pinpoint the exact customers in the right areas.

Is Sky AdSmart right for you?

If any of the follow sound familiar to you then Sky AdSmart could be the service you have been looking for?
You want to use the most effective form of advertising to grow your business.

You want to restrict your advertising to a specific region, city or postcode.

You want to increase sales and/or brand awareness.
You want to stand out against competitors.

You want your brand to be seen in a premium talked about environment.

You only want to pay when your ad is seen.

Packages start at very cost effective prices contact us for more details

Picking your custom audience

Sky AdSmart allows you to choose from literally hundreds of attributes allowing you to become very granular when targeting the right households. For example, if you were an Insurance company that wanted to target over 50’s that lived in a certain Metropolitan area who had a 4 bedroom house and 2 vehicles that would be possible. After internal market research you may have come up with the conclusion that the age group you want to advertise to lived in a certain postcode and owned their own home and were an expectant family.

Sky AdSmart audience and location attributes

  • Audience Selection
  • AdSmart Regions
  • Postcode Regions
Tab 1
There is an extensive amount of attributes that can be targeted and combined to reach your ideal audience. This gives you the ability to make sure the right households are seeing your brand or message.

Below are the main attributes you can target along with the additional sub groups within that group.
Mosaic Lifestyle 2014 - (66)
Financial Strategy - (14)
Affluence - (7)
Senior Decision Maker - (2)
Newspaper Readership - (3)
Early Tech Adopters - (1)
Fashion Segments - (33)

Mobile Phone Provider - (5)
Mobile on Contract - (1)
Mobile Average Bill - (3)
Lifestage - (15)
Household Composition - (15)
Expectant Families - (5)
Age of Baby & Kids - (9)
Pet Ownership - (2)
Home Ownership - (2)
Second Mortgage - (1)
Home Movers - (8)
House Type - (4)
Home Insurance Renewal - (12)
South Facing Garden - (1)
Vehicle Type - (9)
Make of Vehicle - (14)
Number of Vehicle - (3)
Car Insurance Renewal - (4)
Tab 2
You can choose from any of the 16 major TV regions to show your TV Commercial through Sky AdSmart.
Tab 3
Targeting specific postcodes can help to pinpoint your ideal audience.
AB - Aberdeen
AL - St Albans
B - Birmingham
BA - Bath
BB - Blackburn
BD - Bradford
BH - Bournemouth
BL - Bolton
BN - Brighton
BR - Bromley
BS - Bristol
BT - Belfast/Northern Ireland
CA - Carlisle
CB - Cambridge
CF - Cardiff
CH - Chester
CM - Chelmsford
CO - Colchester
CR - Croydon
CT - Canterbury
CV - Coventry
CW - Crewe
DA - Dartford
DD - Dundee
DE - Derby
DG - Dumfries & Galloway
DH - Durham
DL - Darlington
DN - Doncaster
DT - Dorchester
DY - Dudley
E - East London
EC - East Central London
EH - Edinburgh
EN - Enfield
EX - Exeter
FK - Falkirk
FY - Blackpool & The Fylde
G - Glasgow
GL - Gloucester
GU - Guildford
GY - Guernsey
HA - Harrow
HD - Huddersfield
HG - Harrogate
HP - Hemel Hempstead
HR - Hereford
HS - Outer Hebrides
HU - Hull
HX - Halifax
IG - Ilford
IM - Isle of Man
IP - Ipswich
IV - Inverness
JE - Jersey
KA - Kilmarnock
KT - Kingston upon Thames
KW - Kirkwall
KY - Kirkcaldy
L - Liverpool
LA - Lancaster
LD - Llandrindod Wells
LE - Leicester
LL - Llandudno
LN - Lincoln
LS - Leeds
LU - Luton
M - Manchester
ME - Rochester, Maidstone & Medway
MK - Milton Keynes
ML - Motherwell
N - North London
NE - Newcastle upon Tyne
NG - Nottingham
NN - Northampton
NP - Newport
NR - Norwich
NW - North West London
OL - Oldham
OX - Oxford
PA - Paisley
PE - Peterborough
PH - Perth
PL - Plymouth
PO - Portsmouth
PR - Preston
RG - Reading
RH - Redhill
RM - Romford
S - Sheffield
SA - Swansea
SE - South East London
SG - Stevenage
SK - Stockport
SL - Slough
SM - Sutton & Merton
SN - Swindon
SO - Southampton
SP - Salisbury & The Plains
SR - Sunderland
SS - Southend-on -Sea
ST - Stoke-on-Trent
SW - South West London
SY - Shrewsbury
TA - Taunton
TD - Galashiels & Tweedale
TF - Telford
TN - Tonbridge
TQ - Torquay
TR - Truro
TS - Teeside & Cleveland
TW - Twickenham
UB - Uxbridge & Southall
W - West London
WA - Warrington
WC - Western Central London
WD - Watford
WF - Wakefield
WN - Wigan
WR - Worcester
WS - Walsall
WV - Wolverhampton
YO - York
ZE - Lerwick/Zeeland


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