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Video Marketing

Video marketing in the UK attracts billions of views

These impacts are increasing everyday - now that’s an audience you can’t afford to ignore?
The use of video on websites and social channels continues to grow by working with us you can harness the power of video and create compelling content which inspires your customers to engage with and buy into your brand, product and service.

Our video production team will work with you from initial concept stage right through to measuring return on investment and project analysis, providing a fully managed video marketing service with trackable return on investment.

Why use video?

When it comes to video you can be super creative and the more engaging your content the more likely your viewers will watch the piece from beginning to the end. Three times more likely in fact and the better the content the bigger the impact you will achieve.

Moving images give your audience something much more real than text alone. Teamed with a powerful audio voice over and maybe sound effects for extra emphasis you can quickly build up an enthralling piece of content. Video is genuine, super compelling and it causes viewers to sit up and take notice.

In a highly competitive market you need your product or service to stand out. It's no wonder video is flavour of the month with marketeers over 70% percent say that video has a higher conversion rate than any other marketing in medium.

Can I put the video you produce on social media?

Yes, and we’ll help you promote your finished video on the right channels. We helped the National Horseracing College hit over 300k views, and counting, on Facebook with their Sky AdSmart TV Commercial by creating social media friendly versions for them to use across a number of channels. This was also replicated with a recent 360 video project we produced for them combining the main project with smaller sharable pieces of content. We can also help you with Social Media marketing if you need to improve your engagement and tie your activity into your wider marketing strategy.

Some of the most common video questions we are asked

What kind of video do I need?

Do you need drone video?

Some of the benefits of using video.

Ever thought about repurposing video?

We have a video animation project in mind can you help?

Video animation explainers are a really good tool
for communicating a complex message or service.
Below is an example animation we produced for
London & Singapore based James and Wilkinson Media.