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How Lucas Media starts a client relationship.

Our approach to creating an excellent service will ideally include getting to know the companies representative and/or the Communications and Marketing team members, your culture and your expectations.
It will be vitally important to establish good relationships early on, and build on them throughout the lifetime of project, contract or ongoing business relationship. This is a familiar approach for us at Lucas Media, and we successfully use it for all of our key customers.

How Lucas Media are staying safe during Covid-19 and beyond.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have been able to continue to work remotely on a number of existing jobs in different locations this has enabled us to keep productive by creating content for our clients.
It has also kept us safe and in isolation from the general public whilst acting in accordance to government guidelines.

How the 'marketing mix' could help your business grow.

Marketing works best when lots of different techniques and approaches are integrated to make a comprehensive campaign. You'll have heard it called the marketing mix.
In digital terms, you could be using search engines, social media, emails or your website as a means to communicate with your customers.

Do you need aerial film or photography in your videos?