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How important is video in the manufacturing sector?

At Lucas Media we continue to work with some of the biggest manufacturing businesses in the UK delivering video services to enhance their brand. We work alongside internal teams to help create video content that can be used internally or externally depending on the project.

There could be a need to create internal video to help with supplier questions or concerns. If site visits are not possible the business can create videos to highlight potential areas that have come under scrutiny. The resulting content can be sent to the client to answer any issues there might be. This will give peace of mind and help to continue the relationship in a positive way.

We get to know and understand the businesses we work with. Having this valuable knowledge helps us to plan out a content strategy before any filming takes place. It gives us the chance to become more in tune with the client and discover their goals and aspirations. The more information and insight we have the more the video can be tailored to the business and their needs.

We have a wealth of experience in a number of business sectors and the manufacturing sector is an area of expertise. A number of our manufacturing clients have been with us for many years. These types of relationships really work well because the more we know and learn from each project the more productive and efficient we are when the next one comes along. It also helps us to pre-empt what content might be useful during the year keeping us one step ahead of the client.

We get a large amount of satisfaction filming manufacturing businesses. We could be on location one day shooting around the factory floor capturing melodic production lines. The next day we could be flying the drone to show the size and scale of the business location. One of the most enjoyable aspects is filming the people in the business. They are the ones that keep the wheels turning on a daily basis and we have found they really do like to be featured on camera.

If you are in the manufacturing sector then now is time to join the many other businesses that Lucas Media currently helps.

Here is a social media promo we produced to highlight some of the manufacturing clients we currently work with.