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Pre-production and planning stages are very important for all types of video production

The pre-production and planning stages are very important for all types of video production.

They are the foundations for a successful project.

This is the stage where everyone involved in the project should know exactly what is happening and what to expect. If you don't get this right from the start there could be a number of things that could go wrong. So if there is a clear strategy in place right from the start the groundworks for the project should be laid out. This will not only save time it could also save the client money if anything doesn't go to plan.

Below is a number of steps that will help when delivering a video project get these right and the will be more chance of a successful outcome.

1. Clear Vision:

During pre-production goals and target audience are defined this produces a clear direction and paves the way for the whole project.

2. Organising Resources:

Planning ensures that time, budget and people are used efficiently this mitigates the risk of costly mistakes further into the project.

3. Creative Development:

Pre-production allows for organic brainstorming and creative development as the project unfolds.

4. Risk Mitigation:

Identifying early stage challenges reduces the likelihood of experiencing bigger issues down the line.

5. Collaboration Flourishes:

Pre-production encourages collaboration throughout the entire project.

6. Time Saving:

Streamlining the production process saves time during shooting and post production even more important if tight deadlines are in place.

7. Cost Effectiveness:

A well planned project is more likely to stay within budget avoiding unnecessary expenses.

8. Production Value:

Once the groundwork is laid out it elevates the overall production value of the project making it more polished and professional.

Time and time again we have used these methods with many of our clients here at Lucas Media and the results speak for themselves. If you are planning your next project start as you mean to go on. You could be the most talented filmmakers in the world however if you haven’t got a plan right from the start there could be trouble.
It might seem like you are spending unwanted time on a stage that you think doesn’t need care and attention and just want to get straight into the creative part of the project. We have been there also many times. It is not until you really dig into what is needed and what you have to deliver that you truly appreciate how much work has to go into this part of the project.