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Three top tips on client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the most important considerations a business owner has to think about.
Keeping them happy and retaining them as a client is essential to a prosperous future.

Clients want a solution to a problem they don't need a long list of the services you offer

When dealing with clients try not to fall into the trap of trying to over sell yourself. There is a tendency to start by selling the services that you offer instead of addressing the actual brief. Focus on the job in hand and come up with a number of solutions to the problem that the client wants help with. This will help to gain the trust that the client needs to give them confidence that you can help them. If you then deliver on your promises that will put you in prime position for repeat business and start a healthy relationship.

Clients are not bothered what gear you use they are more interested in the final results

One trend that can be seen frequently online are posts about what gear is used on a shoot or what new gear has been purchased. The thought processes here is totally understandable the business owner might be wanting to 'wow' someone with shiny new gear thinking it makes them instantly hireable. In essence it doesn't really do this because they are only really targeting fellow gear junkies they are not thinking about the bigger picture of wanting to appeal to the actual people that will be paying them to create something…their clients. 99% of the time there is no real worth in highlighting what is being used because all clients want is a problem fixed.

There is the odd occasion when a client is a little more tech savvy and wants the latest and greatest those situations are few and far between. They are more interested in you understanding and delivering the brief. That is not to say BTS (behind the scenes) and video breakdowns are not useful to show what gear has been used and how it has helped the process that can be really valuable.

The main focus should always be the final result and making sure the deliverables hit all the right touch points and the client is over the moon with the results.

Clients want long-term partnerships

Always make sure you are thinking about the future and how the relationship could develop between you and the client. Look for ways to add value and predict where their business is heading and how you can be a part of this. Offer suggestions and scenarios where your services can help them to maybe go in a direction that they haven't thought about before. Tap into your skillset and take advantage of your suppliers network to offer something different and innovative. Being proactive will help to build on the existing relationships and hopefully safeguard your position as their favoured supplier in your area of expertise.

Building strong relationships with clients often involves aligning with their expectations and continuously working to meet and exceed them. The only way you can achieve this is by getting to know them better and continually delivering a first class service every time.