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Why would a business use video to promote their Apprenticeship Programme?

National Apprenticeship Week 2024 is a few months away and now is the time to start looking at your video content plan for that week. Lucas Media’s thoughts are that Apprentices should be given more exposure throughout the year because they are an integral part of any business. In most cases though many companies do factor in time and budget to create or post content during the National Apprenticeship Week.

If you have got a healthy amount of Apprentices flowing through your business now is the time to think about recognising their contribution to the company and place a spotlight on their achievements. Video content that is produced can of course be used throughout the year and not just for that week. This can all be discussed and decided within the planning stages of the project.

Why would a business use video to promote their Apprenticeship Programme?

It is a great way to show the commitment to nurturing talent and investing in the next generation of the workforce. This is also ideal for keeping viewers informed of their growth and achievements within the company.

Creating videos specifically for National Apprenticeship Week allows the business to align with a nationally recognised event gaining exposure and credibility. After the success of such videos there could be discussions to feature Apprentices in more content marketing plans through the year??

National Apprenticeship Week can act as a platform to help amplify their message and enhance the company's reputation as an advocate for workforce development.

If you are a little stuck with ideas here are some of the ways you can use video to promote the Apprentices in your business:

🔴 Tell success stories - Create videos that feature current and former apprentices sharing their personal journeys, highlighting how the Apprenticeship Programme positively impacted their careers and personal lives.

🔴 Skill development - Show learning experiences and gaining practical skills and knowledge.

🔴 Mentors and managers - Film team members and show the value Apprentices bring to the company their growth potential and their contributions.

🔴 Company culture - Use videos to showcase the inclusivity and supportive company culture. Encourage learning and growth bringing attention to how Apprentices are an integral part of the business.

🔴 Interactive content - Did deeper into the structure and development programmes that Apprentices go through within the company such as training modules.

🔴 Behind the scenes - Take viewers behind the scenes and show daily routines and give them a better understanding of what their role involves.

🔴 Compare with traditional education - Get first hand experience of how the Apprenticeship works with on going educational structure. Create videos comparing the practical skills and real-world experience gained through apprenticeship with theoretical learning from traditional education.

🔴 Benefits for the business - Do Apprentices bring fresh perspectives and a source of motivation to the company?

All of these ideas can be made into very informative video content to show how much investment there is into Apprentices. Their daily routines and amount of responsibility they have might surprise viewers. We have seen first hand the great work Apprentices do in the manufacturing and services sector. They combine their learning at big national companies along with studying at their local college. This juxtaposition between traditional learning with practical learning takes full advantage of both scenarios and helps to create stronger and wiser individuals. Whenever Lucas Media have filmed Apprentices they come across really well and have embraced being in front of the camera. Many have said it has been a worthwhile experience that has benefitted them in their personal development as they transition into permanent roles.

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