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Can repurposing video content help you reach new audiences?

Video content can be more than a one hit wonder for businesses. In this blog post we look at repurposing content and why dusting off existing footage or photography gives you an excellent opportunity to engage new customers.
If you’re not marketing your business with good quality video you’re less likely to be reaching your customers. Research shows that 90% of customers say engaging video content helps them make decisions on what products or services to buy.
Why should you re-use video content?
Many marketing videos are ‘evergreen’. This means that the content isn’t time dependent and will have ongoing relevance and interest to your audience. Plus, with the average tweet lasting just a few seconds, repurposed content is a great way to increase visibility in your social feeds – especially if you use different hashtags each time.

Your animation, customer testimonial or product explainer video needs to work hard for you so repurposing content gives you far more bang for your buck.
How to repurpose video for your business:

Here are some great ways to repurpose your video or photography content across all online channels.
  • Shorter clips from longer interviews work well on social channels because of the limited clip lengths you have to work with.
  • A TV Commercial can also be used as part of a social media campaign broadening the reach to a different audience.
  • Could your webinar be repurposed as a video tutorial? Post to Youtube and help it gain a new audience after your original webinar is gone and forgotten.
  • Could footage from a promotional website video also be used on social media? Social channels are now video-led platforms; a short clip highlighting key messages gives your business profile a boost.
  • Transform audio from your footage into a helpful/educational podcast.
  • Add subtitles to existing video to create a newer version that viewers can read as well as view.
  • Could clips from your Facebook Live broadcast or Zoom call be taken and used in a more detailed piece about your business, or a particular part of it?
  • Can your video content fit into other pieces of media, such as an interactive timeline or infographic?
  • Existing library photography can be used to make short video clips to highlight staff stories or internal company news.
Can you incorporate video into your business?
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