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Stepping in front of the camera for the first time.

Ever had the fear of stepping in front of the camera for the first time?
It's not as difficult as you think and the rewards can be exceptional for you and your business. It will help you increase your personal and business profile along with helping you become way more confident.

It's fair to say many of us feel it quite daunting when stepping in front of the camera for the first time. Unless you are a seasoned presenter or have worked in the film or TV industry it is an environment that is not natural. Walking into a room or on location where there is a camera and crew waiting to capture you and your message may initially be a little intimidating however the benefit to you and your business could be tremendous.

We have found this out first-hand for ourselves here at Lucas Media once we started creating content in our Leeds studio. From a business perspective it helps you create a social and emotional connection with potential clients.

Here’s a top tip for you

Smile before you start talking because the camera will already be recording so to have a friendly face will make a world of difference when a viewer starts to watch and listen. Always remember to smile at the end of your last word it will be a friendly indication that you have finished.